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Die Broschüre

Wir über uns

Der Stadtteiltreff Gonsenheim ist eine Gemeinweseneinrichtung, die 1998 gegründet wurde. Er liegt im Mainzer Stadtteil Gonsenheim in der Elsa-Brändström-Straße. Hier wohnen knapp 5000 Menschen aus vielen verschiedenen Nationen.

Der Stadtteiltreff ist ein Ort der Begegnung für Menschen aus der Elsa und deren Umgebung, aber auch aus ganz Gonsenheim. Kinder, Jugendliche und ältere Menschen treffen sich hier, lassen sich in vielfältigen Fragen beraten und helfen oder nutzen ebenso unsere Angebote, die wir für jedes Alter anbieten. Inzwischen ist der Stadtteiltreff auch eine Anlaufstelle für viele Flüchtlinge und deren Probleme und Fragen. Der Treff ist gut vernetzt mit den Akteuren im Stadtteil und darüber hinaus – Kitas, Schulen, Behörden, Vereinen und Seniorenheimen. Mit allen christlichen Gemeinden Gonsenheims arbeiten wir eng zusammen. Träger der Einrichtung ist der gemeinnützige Verein Stadtteiltreff Gonsenheim e.V., der auch als freier Träger der Jugendhilfe anerkannt ist. Der Vorstand des Vereins ist ehrenamtlich besetzt. Zwei Pädagoginnen und ein Pädagoge leiten die Einrichtung hauptamtlich. Mit ihnen gemeinsam arbeiten 260 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter auf ehrenamtlicher Basis im Kinder- und Erwachsenenbereich.

So können Sie uns unterstützen.

Stadtteiltreff Gonsenheim e.V. – Community Work  -  Description in English

The Stadtteiltreff Gonsenheim e.V. is a small non-profit organization, focusing on community work, and was founded in 1998. The organization is located in the middle of a densely populated residential area with a lot of skyscrapers in Mainz-Gonsenheim. About 5000 citizens with a background of around 80 different nationalities live there today. In the past it was a more problematic neighborhood and a stronger focus of social projects and community work than it is today. A lot of things have improved within the last 22 years during which the Stadtteiltreff has been doing its work.

The organization is run by a team of four social workers The big amount of work is accomplished by around 240 voluntary workers. It is funded in part by the Stadt Mainz in Rhineland-Palatinate and the Christian churches of Gonsenheim, as well as donations and other projects.

Everyone is welcome at the Stadtteiltreff Gonsenheim! It is a place for people to come together and have fun. The organization’s main goals are the continuous improvement of life and living conditions of local residents. It is important to start this part of work at the everyday life of the people. Very important is the collaborative approach, i.e. working with clients and residents, and not just getting things done for them. Resources, potentials and initiatives of the people need to be found. The Stadtteiltreff wants to support people to have/find personal responsibility.

What does the Stadtteiltreff exactly do?

An important part of the work are counseling and advisory services ranging from general life counseling to help with paper work for official services, application for welfare services etc. The Brotkorb is the local foodbank for Gonsenheim, offering food for people in need once a week. Then there is Helfende Hände: Voluntaries take care of kids from families which are temporarily not able to do it themselves due to temporary problems, illness or other reasons. The Stadtteiltreff also facilitates the Flüchtlingsnetzwerk Miteinander Gonsenheim: It is an organization that supports refugees. Then there is the ELSA-Redaktion, a group of volunteers who publish a monthly newspaper for the area (ELSA is the nickname of Elsa-Brändström-Strasse). Another project is the Frauenfrühstück a breakfast meeting just for women. The Stadtteiltreff also offers a group for handicapped children and teenagers, named Total Normal. And there is the group Kinderwerkstatt: Primary school kids meet once a week to play or cook. There is a Marketing-Group (Marketing-Gruppe) and there is also the Treff 50-99: A group for senior citizens. In the Schülerhilfe pupils can do homework and get private tutoring. Another big project is the music project (Musikprojekt). Everyone who is interested can learn to play an instrument or sing along in the choir. The Café is the heart of the institution. Many people meet there every day to talk, to drink coffee, to play Skat or to just hang out. Art exhibitions and readings take place every month and of course the social workers have meetings with committees of different social organizations and agencies. One thing shouldn´t be missed: The summer party and the Christmas party are great events every year.

All in all this is typical community work in Germany. Some organizations have more, others have less projects. In this case the amount and variety of projects grew over the past 22 years and many new are to come in the future.

Of course, this is a description of the daily life at the Stadtteiltreff without COVID-19. (AD & Janine Hofeditz)



Der Vorstand

Dr. Sabine Müller-Löw
Andreas Ullner
Dieter Pieroth

Das Team der Hauptamtlichen

Colette Smeraldy
Stephan Hesping
Sinem Dagli
Elisabeth Lissen

Hier kann man sich auch direkt an die Mitarbeiter*innen wenden:


Colette Smeraldy: c.smeraldy(at)stadtteiltreff-gonsenheim.de

Stephan Hesping: st.hesping(at)stadtteiltreff-gonsenheim.de

Sinem Dagli: s.dagli(at)stadtteiltreff-gonsenheim.de

Elisabeth Lissen: e.lissen(at)stadtteiltreff-gonsenheim.de





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